Katie Read, Six Figure Flagship

Hi, I’m Katie Read

and I know all your therapist’s secrets.

That cute ‘lil Kleenex collector you talk to once a week with her blanket scarf and her tea cozy?

Don’t tell her about me.

If you do, she might end up making a crap-ton of money, moving to Tahiti, and finally letting her full, creative personality out to shine. See, I teach therapists how to take their skills and create total lifestyle freedom using what they already know.

You could say I take them from therapist to flair-apist.

So hush. Don’t tell her about me.

The last thing you want is for her to realize that a crazy-creative, uber-lucrative, totally freedom-based lifestyle is only a few months away.

If your therapist is aware that she could be coaching, consulting, or creating courses right now, using what she already knows, do NOT let her click this button to download this free guide. Seriously, keep her away.

Katie Read, therapist to coach
Katie Read, therapist to coach

If you’d like your therapist to just sit quietly in her little office week in and week out from now until retirement, losing money every break and holiday, working damn hard in solitude, and staying the lowest-paid of the highly-educated professions…

…then DO NOT tell her that I run the premiere business incubator for therapists OUTgrowing the office, and DO NOT tell her that we are blowing the doors off the old, outdated way therapists are forced to work.


Katie Read, therapist to coach
Katie Read, therapist to coach

I’m Katie Read and I’m not a superfan of the same-old same-old.

I’ve been helping therapists outgrow the typical office since I did it myself in 2018, and I’ve never looked back.

Life circumstances (becoming a special needs mom twice over, then being transferred to a new state with my husband’s job) made me get scrappy and creative with the ways I was working.

Moving into coaching, consulting, and course creation meant taking everything I already knew as a therapist, but finally getting to use the full force of my creativity and my personality in the work.

And after having all the jobs in mental health, from agency leadership to grad school professor to private practice owner, I created a million dollar business in just 3 years by OUTgrowing the office, blowing up my assumptions of what I could do as a therapist…and helping countless others do the same!


Now I teach therapists how to grow beyond the office and into their biggest lives! I'm also the creator of the Clini-Coach® certification--the only coaching certification created by a therapist, for therapists.

I also teach for free in our Therapist Freedom Incubator Facebook group, across Instagram and Tiktok, and via my email list!

When I’m not doing all that workity-work, I’m playing with Moxie and Pancake (our rescue dogs), trying to convince my pre-tweens I’m a cool mom, taking my family around the world when I speak at conferences, and promising everyone I’m gonna get that book written someday. Mark my words!

If your therapist wants to hang out with me anywhere at all, just be warned that you might see a whole new person with a whole new lease on life sitting in that therapist-chair before you know it.


I can 100% say that I would never have had this much confidence going into the coaching world if I hadn’t joined this program, and I never would’ve met all these other amazingly supportive coaches.


As of yesterday I have 6 coaching clients and a 7th who is deciding…I am charging more than I have ever charged, and nobody has walked.

- Patty R

I’m so grateful to have worked with you to prepare me for more big, exciting professional shifts in the coming years! And so grateful for your example of pushing beyond fear–there’s so much life and possibility just on the other side of it, always.

- Annalise O

Thank you so much Katie. Such a powerful program and I am eternally grateful!

- Carolyn S

I just want to take a moment to hail what Katie is doing with this program…that we (as therapists) make incredible (better!) life coaches! I just wanted to say thank you for this framework to help my shift from Therapist to Coach, Katie and team!

- Kayna C

Just made my first $4k sale to an ideal client!

- Kim H

Katie Read, therapist to coach


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Katie Read, therapist to coach


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Katie Read, therapist to coach