Weekly Read: H8r Alert: How to Handle Trolls When You Outgrow Your Office

I hear a lot from therapists that one of the biggest things stopping them from pursuing their dreams beyond traditional private practice is a fear of haters, trolls, etc. Read on to see how I cope with the haters!

Weekly Read: Pause and Practice

The craziest thing tends to happen to our clients when they start OUTgrowing the therapy office. Their practices explode! So what then?

Aug 23

Weekly Read: Guilt About Growing Beyond 1:1?

You're guilty of thinking about growing beyond one-on-one therapy services, and you're guilty of feeling guilty when you think about it. Read on to explore this feeling.

Aug 23

Weekly Read: Why Your Coaching Niche isn’t Working, Therapist

Week after week, I see therapists fail at this one thing: picking a coaching niche that actually works. Why? Read on to learn more!

Weekly Read: 11 Ways Therapists Can Monetize Beyond Their Therapy Practice

Today we are covering the 11 ways I see therapists monetizing beyond their offices, with the pros, cons, and things to consider for each!

Weekly Read: Four Reasons Your Coaching Business Hasn’t Taken Off Yet

When people have started or are working to start their coaching business there are four major mistakes I see them make.

Weekly Read: 7 Wildly Unimportant Things and 1 Important Thing I Learned Traveling in Europe For a Month

Read on to see the lessons I learned after spending a month traveling through Europe with my family!

Jul 23

Weekly Read: Therapists Who Attack Other Therapists

One of the most popular punching bags for angry internet therapists is any therapist who seeks to create additional income streams.

Jul 23

Weekly Read: Why Are Mental Health Influencers Spoon-Feeding Us What We Want to Hear?

Are mental health influencers spoon-feeding us what we want to hear and excusing bad behavior without challenging us?

Weekly Read: Stop Pursuing Your Inner Peace. Pursue This Instead! 

Shouldn’t we all seek inner peace? Maybe? But…I have a few strongly-held beliefs that differ from many in my field.

Jul 23