What to do if your Coaching Program isn't selling.

Weekly Read: Coaching Program Not Selling? 3-Step Solution

If your coaching program or course is not selling, it comes down to one of three issues: your market; your method; or your messaging. Let's break these down so you can begin to mine for solutions!

Weekly Read: Is Branching Into Coaching Right for You?

If you're a therapist thinking about coaching, you might be wondering if it's the right decision for you. This week we are discussing the realities of building a coaching business and what to consider before making that leap!

Money Mindset

Weekly Read: Therapist Money Mindset: Major Shift Coming

Most of us therapists have a guilt-monster whispering in our ears that we have no right to charge very much for our services. Who are you anyway? You’re no expert? Who would pay that much? You can’t even afford to pay that much! Sound Familiar?

Live event launch model

Weekly Read: Our $300k+ Live Event Launch Model

We are spilling all the beans today on our wildly lucrative Live Event Launch Model. Could this be your next step in growing beyond your therapy practice?

Intro to selling coaching.

Weekly Read: Why is Selling Coaching Harder than Selling Therapy?

Why the heck does selling a coaching offer feel so much harder than filling a therapy practice? There are usually two culprits that lead to this struggle.

Intro to Entrepreneurial Therapist

Weekly Read: Entrepreneurial Therapist? How to Actually Succeed.

There are several qualities we see repeated over and over in our most successful clients. Learn more about the skills needed to increase your chances for succeeding as an Entrepreneurial Therapist in this week's Weekly Read!

Weekly Read: Should You Be Using Facebook Ads & When?

Read on to see why we’re interested in talking about Facebook ads for your offerings beyond your standard therapy practice!

Weekly Read: Therapist Branding – Lessons from a Master

When it comes to branding what you choose doesn’t matter, as long as you choose it. Great branding is a series of cohesive choices designed to create the vibe you want.

Weekly Read: Why Your Coaching Niche isn’t Working, Therapist

Week after week, I see therapists fail at this one thing: picking a coaching niche that actually works. Why? Read on to learn more!

Weekly Read: 11 Ways Therapists Can Monetize Beyond Their Therapy Practice

Today we are covering the 11 ways I see therapists monetizing beyond their offices, with the pros, cons, and things to consider for each!