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Weekly Read: Therapist Branding – Lessons from a Master

When it comes to branding what you choose doesn’t matter, as long as you choose it. Great branding is a series of cohesive choices designed to create the vibe you want.

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Therapists, Raise Your Fees!

Therapists, raise your fees! Premium pricing WORKS!

Aug 19

Things to Consider Before Adding Coaching or Consulting to Your Therapy Practice

What to consider before adding coaching or consulting to your therapy practice.

Apr 19

Investing in Your Private Practice Helps Guarantee Your Success

Learn how investing in your Private Practice helps guarantee your success!

Apr 19

Don’t Compete on Price: A Guide for Therapists, Coaches, and Service Providers on How to Explain Your Worth

We have to stop living in our client's wallets. Know your worth instead of negotiating it and you will be amazed! Here's how.

Oct 18

The ONE Thing I Did to Increase My Income by 155% in One Month

Click to learn the ONE thing I did to increase my income by 155% in one month.

Sep 18