Four Reasons Your Coaching Business Hasn’t Taken Off Yet

4 Reasons Your Coaching BusinessHasn’t Taken Off Yet I get contacted by people a lot who have started coaching or they’re trying to start coaching and...

Aug 19

Therapists, Raise Your Fees!

Therapists, raise your fees!Premium pricing WORKS and here’s why! If you are looking for a sign about whether or not you should raise your fees… Consider...

Aug 19

Things to Consider Before Adding Coaching or Consulting to Your Therapy Practice

Adding Coaching or Consulting to Your Therapy Practice is a Perfect Choice….for some therapists. In the short video (or transcript!) below I go into detail about...

Apr 19

Investing in Your Private Practice Helps Guarantee Your Success

You can watch the video here or or read the transcript and download the Skimp or Spend Guide below! It’s time to start thinking about your...

Apr 19

Don’t Compete on Price: A Guide for Therapists, Coaches, and Service Providers on How to Explain Your Worth

I don’t compete on price. I had this talk with two different clients this week, and you need it, too. Getting price-shopped by your clients? Offering...

Oct 18

The ONE Thing I Did to Increase My Income by 155% in One Month

I know the title is clickbaity (sorry), but it’s 100% true. Last month I increased my income 155% over the month before. To understand and apply...

Sep 18

Want Therapy Clients on Autopilot? Create an Email List for Your Referral Sources

OMG I know. You’re a ‘lil busy therapist-ing and life-ing, and now I want you to create a freaking therapist email list? #KatieRUkiddingme? Don’t think if...

Aug 18

Website Whisperer Mini-Sessions: Improve Your Website with These Quick Reviews of Other Therapist Sites!

Website Whisperer Wednesdays are in full swing over on Facebook! I meet with a clinician and give them a quick 15m website-suggestion session, pointing out what...

Using Motivational Interviewing on Your Website to Increase Calls and Clients

Check out this Facebook Live for quick advice on using Motivational Interviewing to help your website copywriting! -Katie xx

Setting Your Therapy Fee Without Wanting to Hide Under Your Chair

Woo hoo! Fee-setting! Everyone’s favorite totally-not-awkward-or-uncomfortable-conversation! So what’s your personali-fee? (Wow, total Dad joke, sorry…) Do you feel guilty every time you say your fee out...

Jul 18