What if two minutes a day was all it took to explore your Growing Edge?

I'll Explore My Growing Edge
Katie Read, therapist to coach

Hey! I'm Katie Read.

I’m a psychotherapist, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur...and creator of the Growing Edge Microcast.

The Growing Edge Microcast is a little passion project of mine. I had a vision of sending out a little two-minute daily touchpoint--something anyone could fold into their day.

We'd talk psychology, motivation, mindset and more. It would be like having a daily therapist-friend in your pocket, nudging you forward.

Then we'd expand the convo even further over in our instagram community!

My goal: a community of people committed to living at their personal growing edge.

And I have a unique vantage point! Every day at the company I founded, I teach and train my fellow therapists.

And can I tell you a secret? Even THEY struggle with this stuff!

So join us!

You never know: 2 minutes a day might be all it takes to change your life.

Katie Read, therapist to coach

What's your Growing Edge?

  • Growing Edge Microcasts (GEMs) are 2-minute audio messages delivered M-F via text.
  • Each one explores psychology, well-being, mindset, motivation, and living at your growing edges.
  • They’re free.
  • You can opt out anytime.
  • And you can join the conversation about each GEM daily on our Instagram page.


Send me the GEMs

If you’re ready to explore your Growing Edge, pull up a chair. There’s always been room for you at this table.

Katie Read, therapist to coach