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Yes, I traveled in Europe (UK and Italy) for 32 days of pure vacation with my ‘lil fam. 

As promised, here are 7 Wildly Unimportant Things I learned that might just change your life (but probably won’t, so don’t get too excited…but hang on for the end where I throw in ONE wildly important thing that will).

1. The Italian ferry system has NO interest if you live or die. 

Like, hilariously no interest. We were caught in a near-riot in Bellagio. We were first in line for a ferry in Amalfi until 300+ people stormed the thing the minute it pulled up and we barely made it on alive. And tickets? Didn’t matter one bit. We only had one person even glance in the general direction of a ticket, EVER. (Oh, the money we could have saved knowing this in advance!)

2. George Clooney has a villa on Lake Como, but apparently, the villa wasn’t quite big enough for guests, so he bought a neighboring villa as his guest house. 

Also, he doesn’t come out and wave at you no matter how long you sit there hoping. (I am not at liberty to discuss how I know this.)

3. If you just really go all in and commit to the accent, they’ll assume you speak Italian. 

This is good and bad. The good? They’ll like you! You’re one of them. The bad? Waiters ask you follow-up questions, and you stare blankly, then go, “Si, si!” and end up with mystery food you never ordered.

4. All the best meals are in restaurants about the size of your bedroom, and usually with one person serving as front-of-house, waitstaff, and bartender. 

And if they have the bread with the fresh mozzarella and the truffle shavings on top? Just get it. Trust me. 

5. Holy crap, free hotel breakfast in Europe is better than any breakfast you’ve ever paid for in the US. 

BY FAR. Prepare to gain 57 pounds of chocolate croissant and Nutella tart, but just roll with it. No pun intended.

6. The phrase “pebble beach” loosely translates to “Lego-fire-walk-of-death, you-really-should-have-brought-Crocs.”

Pack accordingly.

7. Many European hotels don’t believe human beings should be trusted with irons under any circumstances. 

That cheap travel steamer you bought from Amazon is NOT dual-voltage, so it’s gonna blow out the first time you use it (again, not at liberty to discuss how I know this). Therefore, buy wrinkle-free fabrics or look…interesting…for the duration of your trip.

And the most important thing I learned?

Anyone can do this.

Ask yourself: Is it a dream or a goal?

We had a dream of doing a long trip through Europe with our kids. This was dream status for YEARS. 

Nothing happened until we mentally changed our status a couple of years ago from DREAM to GOAL. 

How did we make it happen?

Well, first off, we owe a lot to my move a few years ago from therapist to coach, which helped our finances tremendously. You should add coaching now to put this future goal in motion.

Beyond that, we:

  • Figured out how long we needed to save up and when we could reasonably get the time off work.
  • Opened a travel account and deposited like crazy for 2+ years.
  • Started planning! I read the blogs, watched the TikToks, and started narrowing down everything we wanted to do.
  • Committed and booked!
  • Worked our butts off to make sure everything was well-covered while we were away. In my case, that meant a lot of planning with my small team and creating content in advance. I never opened my laptop once on vacation! 

So what in your life needs to move from DREAM status to GOAL status? 

And once it’s a goal, what action can you commit to right now to start the process in motion? I’d love it if you hit reply and let me know!