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Katie Read, therapist to coach

Every therapist deserves to create a freedom-based lifestyle.

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Unfortunately the deck is stacked against a freedom-based life for most therapists.

  • We’re the lowest paid of the highly educated professions
  • We lose money every break, holiday, and illness
  • We’re very limited on who we can serve, and where, and how

Plus Therapy Is Heavily Commoditized

Every new therapist-on-demand mega-corporation hampers our ability to make a good living.

But Why Shouldn’t A Highly Educated, Intuitive, Creative Therapist Have The Right To Build A Freedom-Based Life?

What if you were allowed to:

  • Serve with clients you were born to serve, who light up your spirit?
  • Create financial freedom for yourself and your family?
  • Travel when you want, live where you want, work when and how it works for you?
Katie Read, therapist to coach
Katie Read, therapist to coach

Therapy might not give you that freedom but your skills as a therapist will.

The explosion of the coaching and online course worlds is the best thing to happen for therapists in decades.

As A Trained Therapist, You Can Finally Leverage Your Education And Training To Create The Life You Really Want.

Make money around the clock Serve anyone, anywhere Eliminate burnout for good!

Katie Read, therapist to coach

We have created a step-by-step Advanced Training on how therapists are creating financial and lifestyle freedom with coaching and courses.

Is a freedom-based lifestyle possible for you? Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?

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So What Happens To Therapists Who Carefully And Ethically Add Coaching Or Online Courses?

We’ll let our clients tell you in their own words

Thank you Katie for this chance to do what has been living in my brain for years but I just didn’t know how!

Judy Burkle

Just had my first coaching session. I think it went well! I loved how it felt. I think I like this better than doing therapy!

Carolyn Mccarter Wood

Signed my first repeat coaching client and for a 5 month retainer! SO SO SOOOOO exciting!

Kama Schulte

I just sold a package for $5555! So excited!

Marti Stany

I just sold a $15,000 package. I am shaking in my boots.

Ingrid Price

Just made my first $4k sale to an ideal client!

Kim Hollingdale

SO excited about the coaching program I’m developing!! I’m realizing how invisible I’ve felt as a therapist. It’s like I’m coming out of the therapy closet!!

Alison Myers

I just want to take a moment to hail gratitude for what Katie is doing with this program. We (as therapists) make incredible (better!) life coaches!

Kayna Cassard

What she is teaching that has helped me is more about marketing, nuts and bolts of the business of coaching, and so much more support and guidance.

Laura Reagan

Introducing the
Six-Figure Flagship® Program!

Katie Read, therapist to coach
Katie Read, therapist to coach

We are the only coaching certification plus business incubator exclusively for mental health professionals ready to add additional six-figure income streams.

Why have a program like this just for therapists?

Because you and I both know that we have unique challenges expanding our services.

  • We have a unique code of ethics to adhere to.
  • We have specific rules to follow around marketing.
  • We have different insurance and legal paperwork requirements.
Katie Read, therapist to coach

So How Do We Help Clients Create Six-Figure Income Streams With Coaching And Courses?

First, we help you leverage the expertise you already have, shaping it into highly-successful programs and offerings.
Then we give you the Marketing Masterclass of your dreams, coaching you in several different formats for six full months until your marketing is just right...and the clients are flowing in!
Finally, we offer you our exclusive Clini-Coach® certification, showing the lay public that you are a highly-trained clinician, a cut above the average coach!

We’ll Teach You All About This System And Give You The Full Program Details In Our Advanced Training.

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Katie Read, therapist to coach

Well, I’m Katie Read.

I’ve been a

  • private practice therapist,
  • grad school professor,
  • clinical supervision director,
  • community mental health director,
  • creator of therapy-training materials,
  • conference speaker,
  • …and more!

I’m the creator and founder of the Clini-Coach® Academy and the Six-Figure Flagship® Program!

I’m also a special-needs mom with a bone-dry sense of humor and a narrowly-sub-clinical coffee addiction.
Moving into coaching helped me finally achieve FREEDOM!


Katie Read, therapist to coach

Now All I Wants To Do Is Help My Fellow Therapists Do The Same!

But, and this is important: when you work with me you’re not relying on just me for your success.

At Six-Figure Flagship® we employ a large group of experts and give you

one-on-one laser coaching with all of them.


You’ll have coaching access to:

  • A social media strategist
  • A copywriter
  • A digital marketing and funnels expert
  • Tech support
  • Expert mindset coaches
  • An in-house success support team
  • … and more!
Katie Read, therapist to coach
Katie Read, therapist to coach


Let’s break down some recent success stories from clients:

  • Carolyn booked her 10th coaching client
  • Jessica booked a $10k coaching package
  • Ingrid booked a $15k consulting gig
  • (A different) Carolyn booked a 12-session package for $4500
  • Marti’s first booking was a $5555 coaching package
  • TJ was offered an expenses-paid trip to Barcelona to speak
  • Liz and Judy both booked multiple clients in their first- ever group coaching launches
  • Several clients have booked 3-5 clients in their first 30 days marketing as coaches at far higher than their therapy rates
  • Several clients have been quoted in news outlets and noteworthy online publications
  • Several clients have been invited to speak at conferences and online events
  • Clients regularly report that, compared with therapy, coaching feels creative, fun, and exhilarating!

Ready to hear the full scoop?

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So how do we help clients get results like these?


Our Proprietary 3-Track Clinician-To-Coach® Formula.

Weekly lessons, step-by-step, each taking an average of 5-8 hours per week to complete (and of course you can go at your own pace!)


Constant 1:1 support

From booking 1:1 expert laser sessions when you need them to daily Facebook group support to personalized critiques, we’ve gotcha covered.


Personalized, Recorded Critiques

Eliminate nerves about putting your new stuff into the world. Our experts will work hand in hand with you to get it just right first!


Weekly Group Coaching + Workshops

Each week, learn with your peers in group coaching and expert workshops. Can’t attend live? No prob! We’ll timestamp the answer to YOUR question so you never miss a beat!


Templates + Tech Pre-Created For You

We’ve built out all the templates you need to launch…and connected all the tech in the background! All that’s left is to infuse YOUR unique personality.


Legal Documents Purchased For You

When you join, we purchase legal docs for you specially created by an online-coaching-expert lawyer to meet the needs of therapists moving into coaching!


Clini-Coach® Community

We have a robust, active, and supportive community of 100+ Clini-Coaches® at any given time. Your future besties are waiting!


Bonus Modules

Bonus Mods in areas like how to hire a VA step-by-step, growing into group coaching, protecting your biz, and more!


Accessibility For All Learning Styles

All course lessons are available in video, written, and podcast form, so we can meet the needs of every learning preference and style!


Clini-Coach® Directory

After certification, you’ll be featured on our social media and will have a robust directory listing to bring you more business!


Clini-Coach® Insiders

After you graduate, we’ll welcome you to our unique community for ongoing support, networking, expert speakers, targeted trainings, in-person meetups, and more!


The $500 Come Out Ahead Promise

We are so determined for you to succeed that we will PAY YOU TO DO IT! When you earn back your program investment with new coaching clients within 6 months, WE WILL PAY YOU $500! That way, you’ll come out ahead!

Are you next?

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Katie Read, therapist to coach

No other program out there for therapists outgrowing the office is anything like this one.

This is the most clear, direct path from where you are now to a successful coaching/course business that’s ever been created.


We are the pioneers in this path, and because of our success, we’re able to offer more robust coaching and support at our price point than anything else out there on the market.

Everything we’ve learned, seen, and coached people through has come together in the Clini-Coach® Academy.

Are You Ready For A Deep Dive?

In our Advanced Training, we’ll lay out exactly what our most successful clients have done to outgrow their therapy offices.

You’ll see what we teach and how they’ve put it to use to create their own Six-Figure Flagship® programs!

You’ll also get the step-by-step of our program, in case you’d like our help in finally building your freedom-based life!

Apply For The Advanced Training Here!

We Promise To Answer All Your Questions (Even The Ones You Haven’t Thought Of Yet!).

It’s Time.

  • Time to really use your full personality and creativity.
  • Time to create an income stream that honors your worth without burning you out.
  • Time for the freedom-based life that comes with a Six-
    Figure Flagship® program.
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You’ve got nothing to lose–and a lifetime of freedom to gain!

Katie Read, therapist to coach