I know the title is clickbaity (sorry), but it’s 100% true.

Last month I increased my income 155% over the month before.

To understand and apply the ONE thing, you need a ‘lil backstory.

See, this is a young biz.

I’ve done this work for a while, but I only officially launched this summer.

I currently have more than enough work to occupy my days, but I’m no empire yet, right?

So, I knew I wanted a biz coach to help me grow faster, avoid pitfalls, and not repeat mistakes a million others made before me.


How to get a great coach for, like, seven dollars when you’re trying to keep costs down in a new biz?

First I took every free resource from every coach known to man, and listened to all of their podcasts and webinars, and went down a million rabbit holes trying to cobble together alllll the advice.

And I was overwhelmed, and lost, and isolated.

I knew I needed my PERSON, my dedicated coach who could get totally specific about MY business and MY strengths.

So I took a risk. I called a really expensive coach I admired online. Just to see…

And f*cking hell, it worked.

We hit it off and she offered me a great discount on her services *BUT*…here’s the catch: her services were so expensive that even her discounted rate was about 25% of all the money I’d made in my biz thus far.

And I would have to pay that rate monthly…

How do you take a risk like that???

I drove around, pondering, and…maybe it was serendipity?…I happened to hear something perfect on a podcast. The podcaster said, If you can’t make a big decision, think of it this way. What if you succeeded either way? No matter how you decide, you’ll succeed. Would you rather have succeeded saying ‘yes’ or saying ‘no’ to whatever this choice is?


I immediately knew. I would rather succeed with an ally, friend, confidante, and mentor at my side than alone, any day of the week.


I forked over a scary little pile of cash, and that decision alone moved the powers that be.

I threw down the gauntlet.

I announced to the universe that I was serious.

I decided that I believe in myself and that this wasn’t just a pipe dream, this was real, this was my biz, and I was committed to its success.

Then I put my money where my dreams were and committed to doing the work.

And you know what?

Within the first month, before my coach even KNEW me very well, business exploded.

When you get clear in your purpose and commit to your own success, mountains freaking move.

So what’s the ONE thing I did?

It’s not just that I hired a coach: it’s that I trusted the reality of the laws of energy that govern everything. You know them. You’ve had the same experience as me, probably a hundred times, just wearing different hats.

You say YES to believing in yourself, you clap yourself on the shoulder and say, “It’s go time,” and the moon peeks out from behind the clouds, and your path up the mountain is suddenly clear.

So…tell me your next mountain.

Tell me what holds you back.

And tell me how, deep down, you most want to invest in yourself.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Warmly, on the uphill walk in the moonlight,

-Katie xx