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If your coaching program or course is not selling, it comes down to one of three issues:

  • Your Market,
  • Your Method,
  • Or your Messaging.

Let’s break these down so you can begin to mine for solutions!

Your Market

  • • Are the people in your market (your niche) actually seeking a solution for this problem?
  • • Is this problem painful and pressing for them?
  • • Do they feel a need to solve this problem NOW, not later?
  • • Are they willing to spend money to have this problem solved?

Or…are you having to try to convince people that this is a problem they should get some help for? 

Trying to convince our clients that they need help for something is a recipe for failure. Your ideal clients are online right now actively seeking a solution for this problem, and if NO ONE is seeking a solution, then you should choose a different problem.

Your Method

Your method is your actual offer.

  • • What is your offer?
  • • Is it meeting people where they’re at?
  • • Is it a price point that makes sense for them?
  • • Is it a length of time that makes sense?
  • • Have you thought about their primary objections and actually built those objections into the offer so that you’re solving for the objection within the offer itself?

If you’re not sure about the strength of your offer, the best way to get info is to go directly to a few ideal clients and seek their feedback. What do they NOT like about your offer? What would stand in the way of them signing up? Once you know, fix it!

Your Messaging

  • • Are you writing for the way people read online? (It’s very different from how people read a newspaper article or book!)
  • • Does your copy fall between a 3rd and 6th grade reading level? (Check for free here.)
  • • Are you varying your sentence length?
  • • Are you controlling the reader’s cadence with sentence and paragraph breaks?
  • • Are you using pattern interrupts (like emojis and titles) appropriately?
  • • Are your hooks interesting?
  • • Are you writing for the skimmers?
  • • Is there voice, energy, and personality in your writing?

If you are not using these copywriting best-practices, then your messaging is not getting across to your market…so they’re not even hearing about your method and your offer. 

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