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You’re guilty and we all know it. 

Don’t look around furtively, hoping your guilt will go unnoticed. 

It hasn’t. We all see it. 

You’re guilty of thinking about growing beyond one-on-one therapy services, and you’re guilty of feeling guilty when you think about it. 

You’re guilty of a few other things, too. 

You’re guilty of feeling guilty when you raise your rates. 

You’re guilty of feeling guilty when you refer on a non-perfect client who insists that only you can help them.

You’re guilty of feeling guilty when you’re full and simply can’t take another client. 

And yet…there is something strangely powerful and unique about the guilt that comes when we are ready to move from one-on-one therapy into serving bigger groups (for example, in coaching, courses, etc). 

I felt SO guilty when my coaching business started expanding beyond my ability to keep up with 1:1 sessions. 

One-on-one is what I’m trained in!

One-on-one is where the juice is! 

People need me one-on-one to get results! 

These were the thoughts swirling through my head as I turned down one potential client after another, gingerly letting them know that I was no longer offering one-on-one coaching sessions but had moved into courses and groups instead. 

But can I let you in on a little secret that hit me hard one day and changed my entire perspective? 

Some of us are not made to work one-on-one forever, because we are capable of a different kind of impact in the world. 

(And when I say some of us, I’m talking to you…)

What if Meryl Streep had decided she would spend her life teaching individual acting students in her living room? 

What if Beyonce rented a little office to teach voice lessons but was too nervous to grow beyond that? 

What if Lady Gaga was simply a small town piano teacher? 

Think what the world would have lost. 

(And yes, I am comparing you to Meryl Streep and Beyonce and Lady Gaga so take it in and enjoy it, dammit.) 

Years ago in grad school I had a beloved, powerhouse professor. Though he was well into his seventies, he commanded the class like no one else. He had an intensity and a presence and a focus that kept everyone at rapt attention. 

In my second year of grad school, he asked me to come TA for him and I joyfully agreed. 

He took me out to lunch to prep before the year began. 

When lunch was over I came home and immediately called my friend. “I’m so exhausted!” I said. “Why on earth am I so tired? It was just a prep lunch!” 

“Because,” she said, “think of how much energy and presence and intensity he has. You had all of that aimed straight at you for two hours straight. That is exhausting!” 

She was right! He was a person with so much presence that he was truly born to serve big groups: that was his gift!

So, I invite you to consider this possible truth: maybe you also have so much energy and intensity and presence that you are meant to serve even more people. 

Maybe you have been gifted with life experiences or messages that are meant to be brought out beyond your 1:1 capacity. 

Maybe the whole reason you have the little nudge inside of you to outgrow 1:1 work is because you’re meant to serve in even bigger ways than you can anticipate right now

So, I invite you to reframe that guilt-monster inside.

Moving away from 1:1 work doesn’t take anything away from anyone. 

Instead it moves your true, authentic self and purpose out into the world in the biggest way possible. 

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We can’t wait to see what you create when you reframe your guilt–and outgrow your office!


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