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We are spilling all the beans today on our wildly lucrative Live Event Launch Model. 

As a side note, I’ll be opening a new program in the near future where I’ll personally take participants through this model step by step, giving out all our emails, sales pages, webinars, etc. to use as guides for your own Live Event Launches! Keep your eyes open for that–info will always come here to our list subscribers first! 

We have now run this Live Event Launch model multiple times over the last several years. Each time we’ve run it it’s generated over $300K in revenue. (There was only one time that we experienced a drop in that revenue down to $165k, and in retrospect it was a case of very bad timing on our part: we attempted to do a launch during the summer when, frankly, no one was paying attention. We only sold half as many tickets as usual, thus only had half the typical conversions. Lesson learned!). 

So could this model work for you as you grow beyond your therapy practice into coaching or courses? 

Who will this work best for?

  • • Businesses with a bit of an established audience already, hopefully in the form of a social following or email list, even if small
  • • Businesses currently selling a course or coaching program but ready to scale it up with far more clients
  • • Businesses ready to handle a large influx of new enrollments into their program

How does it work?

  • • We put on a two-day live online event. 
  • • The entire event is delivered live on Zoom and folks have a week to watch the replays of any videos they missed. 
  • • For our events we usually do six workshops, three each day. 
  • • We then send attendees all the replays of those videos with strong calls to action to also watch the webinar that describes and sells our program. 
  • • We give them a deadline to watch the webinar and enroll in the program, along with special bonuses for having attended the event. 
  • • We have used various deadlines, but final-final deadlines are never more than two weeks out from the event itself.

What do you teach at the event?

  • • Mindset shifts needed for someone to become ready to enroll in your program. 
  • • Pre-information someone would need to learn to be ready for your program.
  • • Client showcases/ success stories to help people envision what their own journey might look like in your program. 

Do you charge?

We do. Typically we will do a $27 standard ticket and a $97 VIP ticket. Our VIP tickets include some extras and bonuses that our standard tickets do not. (We have done free events in the past but we find that attendance and conversions are higher when people are willing to buy a low-priced ticket, rather than simply entering their name on a free sign-up form.)

Are these a lot of work? What assets do I need to create?

Yes! Like any event, these are a lot of work…that can reap big rewards. Let’s go through what these events actually entail:

  • • Creating a sales page and checkout for the event itself
  • • Creating marketing emails for the event
  • • Creating social media marketing posts for the event
  • • Creating and running FB ads, if you choose to use them
  • • Creating emails that keep your attendees excited and encourage them to attend live
  • • Creating emails/ texts/ etc. with logistical info so everyone has zoom links, replay links, and all the info they need
  • • Creating a home for your replay links and videos
  • • Creating slideshows for your workshops
  • • Creating and recording the webinar that sells your program
  • • Creating the post-event emails that encourage people to watch replays and watch your webinar, plus encourage people to join your program
    • • Within this, we’re assuming the program you’re selling has its own sales page already created. If not, you’ll need that, too!

That sounds like a lot.

It’s a lot. That said, I have done these events entirely on my own before when it was just me and one VA working a couple hours a week. Not the easiest, but do-able if you set your mind to it!

How long does this all take?

I like to give myself a good three months to prep everything for events. YMMV. I roll out marketing posts and emails starting 3-4 weeks before the event itself. 

Pro Tips, learned over time:

  • You need some help during the event itself. You’ll need a person in the comments to help manage them, plus providing a backup recording just in case. Even better if you have two helpers!
  • • Depending on the size of your event or what recording style you’d like to have, you might want to upgrade to Zoom webinar. You can upgrade for just that one month–don’t forget to cancel after!
  • You need to be able to be high energy on video for long stretches of time. If this is not your strength, consider hosting interviews with guests instead.
  • • If you don’t have enough client success stories yet to form a client panel for one workshop, just teach your webinar live instead!
  • If energy lags during a workshop (which it will), run a quick giveaway. I say things like, “I have a $50 Amazon GC for the first person in the chat to tell me their favorite animal!” or something similar. Your helper in the chat will get their name and contact info, and everyone will get a burst of adrenaline for trying to get their answer in first. 
  • • Encourage engagement by asking chat questions throughout your workshops. 
  • • Encourage social sharing by asking participants to post certain things on social media and tag you during the event itself.
  • It’s better to put your workshops close together. When we’ve put an hour between workshops, we see a big drop in attendance. Currently we plan workshops about 90m apart: an hour for the info, about 15m for questions, and a 15m break…then on to the next. This is a bit tiring for you, the presenter, but tends to keep your audience energized and engaged. 
  • • At the end of the two days, you’ll feel a little bit like you’ve been hit by a bus, lol. Plan accordingly! My events always end on Friday so I’ve got the weekend to recover. 
  • You need to plan your workshops around your own life. There is no perfect timing–esp with all of us in different time zones. I make sure my events run during the 6 hours my kids are in school. If that timing is terrible for some people, they’ll have to catch the replays. You’ll never make everyone happy, so you need to do what works for you. 

I hope this gets your wheels turning about possibilities for your own Live Event Launch! 

There are three primary launch styles I teach for big-impact online launches:

  • Summit Launches
  • Challenge Launches
  • Live Event Launches

These Live Event Launches have definitely emerged as my current favorite! 

As mentioned, we’ll be releasing a coaching experience in the near future where I’ll take you through a launch like this step-by-step, giving you all of the actual assets that we use so you can use them as inspiration and guides for your own!

To be ready for that program, you’d need to have a program you’re currently selling (or at least have sold successfully to strangers in the past), and be ready to do a big scale-up!

Keep your eyes here on our emails for announcements of when that program opens!


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