I’m assuming you clicked this title to get annoyed at whatever I had to say.

I get it.


Screw that! Do you KNOW how many more years I still have on my grad school loans? Are you freaking KIDDING me?


Not kidding.

If we’re already online BFFs, then you’re sick of seeing this post about how to write your PT profile, and this post about how to write your About Me page, and this post about how to find your niche.

Know what I do for a living?

Write PT profiles and About Me pages and coach people through marketing and niche definition.

So why would I give away free what I also charge for?

A whoooooole lotta reasons.

Get some tea. It’ll take a minute.

  • Everything I give away builds trust and understanding. As you come to know my voice, the next time you have a marketing or copy question, you’ll think…hmmm, that girl with the pink streak….Katie?….Oh! Katie Read! That’s right! And if I’m the luckiest ‘lil pink streaker around, you might just drop me a line.

Translation for you: We ask our clients to make a Grand-freaking-Canyon trust leap when they come to therapy. Come on in, sit down, tell me your deepest darkest secrets, I pinky swear I’m the right person for you! Heck, I don’t even like picking a therapist and I am one. Soften the trust-fall a little. Give them a sense of who you are.

Write the way you talk.

Write what you care about.

Write about them and their experiences. They’ll start to feel like they know and trust you, and you’ll be building a bridge they can cross over that massive canyon.

  • Not all of you are meant to be my clients, and I’m totally ok with that, and I still like to help. I will never meet many of my readers, and I still like knowing I’m helping. The old, “as you give, so you receive” adage has certainly proven true in my work.

Translation for you: You don’t need all the clients. You need the right clients for you. As you give away knowledge and helpfulness, those right clients will drawn in and eager to connect.

  • Marketing is about teaching people how to be your clients. Wait, what? You heard me. We need to coach people into understanding what we provide and why it’s valuable. If we were selling toilet plungers, our inherent value would be known throughout the land. When we sell a service our value comes with big question marks attached.

Translation for you: You need to coach people into becoming your clients. You do this by literally explaining what you do and how you work, and by giving them info about how to solve their problems on their own. Some really will overcome their anxiety or depression with a little info and a lot of hard work. Others…will become your clients.

  • Everything I give away builds relationships…even with people who haven’t reached out or made contact yet. We’re building one now, as you read. If you click around my site, we’ll build more. If you download a freebie, you’ll get my emails, chock full of the sordid details of my life, and we’ll build even more.

Translation for you: Your blog and/or email list will serve a relationship-building purpose. I highly recommend an email list, if for no other reason than to send out your latest high-value, pithy, fascinating blog posts. Showing up in someone’s inbox every couple weeks, or giving someone great info to binge on when they hit your site is a big ‘ole swipe right! for you.

  • No matter how much info I give away about marketing and copywriting, it still won’t make you an expert. If you haven’t taken the marketing courses and the copywriting trainings and didn’t get your English degree at Iowa (home of the top writing program in the world), how could you be? Listen, I’m crappy at all the stuff you’re good at. No matter what I teach in this little blog, many of you will still say, Oh dear god, please just do it for me.

Translation for you: No matter how much you teach your clients about their challenge (your specialty), there will still be SO MANY who realize they can’t go this alone, and they need your live, in-person help, you awesome expert, you. You will always have much more expertise to give clients in person than you could ever possibly give away. Savvy clients will know and feel it.

So what to give away?

The store.


You might choose a downloadable ebook or PDF from your website that helps clients with whatever you specialize in. This download should then link to an email list (Mailchimp and Mailerlite are free and connect easily to most websites), and you should continue providing value and help via short emails 1-4 times per month.

Blogging is another perfect way to grow.

  • Blogging tells google that your site isn’t “dead,” and helps your SEO.
  • It helps you develop authority in your niche.
  • If you write for larger sites, blogging provides authority, backlinks, and exposure to new clients.

So, give it away, give it away, give it away now! (Dance break.)

Your ultimate goal is to become the Go-To Person in your area for XYZ challenge. What would people with XYZ challenge most want to read? What checklist or tip sheet or would help them the most? What would pique their curiosity?

I hear the people walking over that canyon bridge straight to your doorstep already.

-Katie xx